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The C2O install process is in three parts. Part one is preparation, part two installs the C2O software and additional C2 DATA, and part three performs a few of setup jobs.


Firstly, ensure that your Carmageddon II game is the Retail US Human Language. This is the most popular, and the only language, which is fully activated with C2O. All other languages are supported, almost... The reason why the others are not fully activated yet is because i have not been unable to obtain the files that i need from them - despite asking around on forums. When i do obtain the files, the changes that need to be made to provide support are done remotely (on this server).

*Have you got one of the other languages? If so, let me know - some your files would help provide support!

C2O will work with Direct3D and Zeckensacks Glide Wrapper (NOT other Glide Wrappers yet). However, I would recommend using the Glide Wrapper for testing because the Direct3D interface isn't as complete. If you want to use Glide, please install the Wrapper now before C2 and C2O.

Before we continue, an Important Note:

*Do not attempt to install C2O into an old installation of C2. Remove or backup any such installations and reinstall C2 to your desired directory. Do not run C2 and do not in any way attempt to modify it!


Make sure that the version of C2O you download is the BETA Re-Pack and not a mirror of the initial release. The initial release had a setup problem. If you are unsure, just use the link at the top of this thread!

Extract the C2O download using WinZip or similar and run the .MSI file. The C2O installer will begin and ask you where you would like to install to. I'd suggest NOT changing the path it gives you, just because i would like you all to run in the most similar configuration as can be possible. This helps me to make C2O as good as it can be and fix any probems, faster.

Eventually, Carstockalypse will appear. Do not do anything except close it. After closing Carstockalypse, a DOS window called C2O-ConfigSetup will appear. This is the beginning of part two (setup phase).


C2O-ConfigSetup will ask you for a desired Nick Name, Language version, whether or not you have a Modification (such as C2ADV or SOD) and it will also try and find out if you have the Glide Wrapper installed. The most crucial thing it will try and find out is where C2 is located. Answer all of the questions and pay attentions to examples given in brackets, they are there to help you. For example, when entering your language version use the 3-character code such as USH for US Human.

Since we are dealing with a bog standard C2 installation here, your answer to using a Modification should be false. If you are interesting in multiplayer with a Modification, there will be some installation information here shortly to help you.

Once C2O-ConfigSetup completes, the major work is done. The remainder of the setup can be left for C2O to complete itself.

To trigger this last phase of setup, locate the C2O-Server shortcut on your start menu (under Carmageddon 2 Online) and run it. If all is well, the C2O logo will appear.

Now pay attention to the title bar of C2O, it should change and display "Performing first-time setup". Depending on the specification of your computer, this can take a few minutes to complete. While it is doing this however, C2O will attempt to download some information from this server. If this website is offline, you may see some errors displayed in red (regarding master server list, anti-cheat definitions and crush files) - don't worry. C2O will still obtain the data next time you run it. What you must not do at this point is close C2O during it's first-time setup procedure.

When the first-time setup is complete, close C2O and restart it. If C2O didn't manage to download the information it needed last time around, it will do so now. If it did manage to download the information, great! providing there are no errors displayed in red, you are almost ready to host a game.



Hopefully your installation went well, and it is able to access this server when it is available to download any required data. There is one last thing you should do before reading the C2O USAGE NOTES, though. C2O needs what are called "Grid Files" which confirm the starting grid positions of each players car. You will find three links at the top of this thread which refer to grid files, and here we are dealing with a standard C2 installation, so make sure you get the "STD" version. When you have downloaded it, extract the .TXT files using WinZip or similar into your C2 C2O_DATA\GRID_FILES folder. Restart C2O to allow these files to be recognized. That's it, prepared, installed and setup!

While testing C2O i would advise not changing C2 too much. By all means adjust your sound, blood or whatever - but leave the controls alone for now.


Coming soon...

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