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Message of the day: You can find out what version of TDR2000 you have by pressing the tilde key at the menu


Firstly, a note about graphics modes:

C2O supports Direct3D and Glide (3DFX). The Glide (3DFX) support is NOT hardware based (i.e. using a Voodoo card). You can only use this mode with C2O providing that you have Zeckensacks Glide Wrapper installed.

Direct3D will work straight away, but beware; this mode is very basic and not particularly good looking at the moment!  My focus has been on the Glide (3DFX) interface since this is more up to date and the most popular mode of choice. The Direct3D interface will not just be left however, and in the future this mode will be improved so that it looks better and has CPU alpha blending to achieve the same transparency effects as the Glide (3DFX) version.

The chances are that you have chosen to use the Glide Wrapper, but there are some things you should know about this too. C2O has a set resolution for the Glide Wrapper, which is 1280 x 1024. If you use any other resolution, the interface will not draw correctly. Text and graphics may appear really big for example. An update for this has been planned, so that more resolutions will work properly.

Zeckensacks Glide wrapper can be a little complicated to setup if you have never used it before or do not have an understanding of graphics. For those who are not sure, I have made a list below of my recommended settings that will ensure that C2O works correctly. Locate the Glide Wrapper on your start menu and launch its configuration program, then check the following:

Texture Memory:  16MB
Resolution: Try High Res

Refresh Rate: 60Hz (If you are using a CRT monitor then set this to the maximum value that your monitor can support at 1280 x 1024. LCD users need not change this option.)

Vertical Sync:  Normal
Mip-Mapping: Default
Feature Set:  Simple Shaders
Render To: Own Window
Resolution Limit: 1280 x1024

With respect to the version of the Glide Wrapper to use, I have found that it doesn't really matter. I am currently using v0.80e though.


Obviously, make sure that you have C2O installed as per the INSTALLATION NOTES and also ensure that you have access to the internet and the Masters of Mayhem website.  If you are behind a Firewall and/or Router, you will also need to ensure that port 1084 is forwarded and unblocked. Have a look at your routers setup guide for information about how to do this for your particular model.

Run the C2O-Server shortcut from the start menu. You will see the logo appear and the main screen will then load. Make sure that there are no error messages displayed in red. If there are, you have probably installed C2O incorrectly or the Masters of Mayhem website is not accessible.

When running error free, you are ready to accept incoming client connections. You don't however have to wait for them; you can start setting up your game preferences now. The options at the top of the main screen allow you to set Laps, Time Limit and whether or not Pedestrians or Drones are enabled. Recovery can be toggled too. The checkboxes have an instant effect, but the Time Limit and Laps boxes do not. In order to confirm your chosen Lap or Time Limit value, you must click on the associated label which is underlined.

By now you have probably found that setting the Time Limit and Laps throw an error. This is because you have yet to select a Track. However, the other preferences can be set (these are global).

To select a Track, click the Track Selection drop down box and Left-Click the desired Track. When you do so, the title bar of C2O will attempt to validate it. Providing you have not modified the Track, this will be passed. Failing any kind of validation check will prevent you from launching C2O.
When a Track selection is successful, and box will appear called Selected Track information. Some of the preferences from the main screen will be listed on here, along with some extras (Advanced Options).  The only option which currently does not work is Collisions. This will eventually prevent cars from damaging each other, which is useful for high latency races. All of the advanced options can be set without any clients being present.
To toggle an Advanced Option, or any option in the Track Selection information box, simply Left-Click on the underlined label next the desired option. Most options are simply "Yes" or "No", but Laps and Time Limit for example, will prompt you to enter a value.

Car selection works in a similar way to track selection. Again, your Car will be validated, but you may notice that a Selected Car Information box appears in real-time as you browse the list. After selecting a car, its associated preview image will be displayed. Mode selection can be performed at any time before the game has launched.

The last thing to do is decide what graphics mode you will use, be it Direct3D or 3DFX.  Again, this can be set even without any clients being present.


When a client does arrive, any settings that you have made will be retained and transmitted to the new client to ensure that they are synchronized with you. The only option you need to set now is that of invitations. C2O technically can support an infinite amount of clients in chat, but only 4 of those clients may play in-game at once.  To make sure that only the 3 clients that you wish to join in your game are allowed, you need to give them an invitation. You can do this by clicking on the checkbox beside the clients name in the top right corner. The client will be notified of the invite and they will be able to join in your game.

Now you are ready to finalize everyone's settings, but what if an invited client has yet to select a car? You will be notified of this when trying to hit the finalize button, so if this happens, be sure to let your clients know that they have not selected a car.

When finalization is possible and completes, the launch button will become available. At this point, your clients will be running a validation check so it is worth waiting a few seconds to see if any of them fail. If a failure occurs, you will be notified.  If all is well, you can launch the game. Make sure that you get into game as quickly as possible, since your clients will also be doing the same. They won't be allowed to launch their game until you have arrived at the Carmageddon II main menu though.

When you do get in game, don't do anything until your clients have arrived. Again you will be notified of this in the chat box. When you are sure that everyone is in-game, Hit the Enter key and your chosen Game Mode will begin.  If for some reason you started the game mode before one or more clients arrived in-game, they will not be able to participate. This is also true if a client drops out of the game and back to the C2O Lobby, and then decides to launch again. If this occurs and you want the client to participate still, simply type the command /restart ClientName into the chat box (where ClientName is the name of the client you wish to restart).


Every option that the Server program has, the client program also has - they work in a very similar way. The only difference is that the client cannot change them (obviously!). So really, all that you have to be aware of as a client is how to connect to a game in the first place. There are two ways of doing this:

1.    Connect directly using an IP Address
2.    Use the online Master Server List

For method 1, you need to locate the C2O-Client shortcut on your start menu. Right-Click the shortcut and choose properties.  The target box may have a path similar to that of below:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Masters of Mayhem\Carmageddon 2 Online (BETA)\C2O-Client.exe" ""

Notice the IP Address at the end of the path. This tells the Client to connect to by default when you launch the program. By changing this address to a known server IP, you can connect to it straight away. You will find this useful for playing over LAN or via the Internet when the server computer has a static IP Address.

Method 2 is the simplest way of connecting. If you visit the C2O Mirror at you will find a link at the lower left side called "C2O Server List". Clicking this link will show you a list of servers that are currently running. By clicking "Join this server" your client program will launch automatically and connect to the servers IP Address without any user intervention.


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